Antifouling Agent Irgarol 1051

Antifouling Agent Irgarol 1051

Most effective, convenient and economical method for preventing marine organisms from fouling is to use antifouling coatings - Irgarol 1051.
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Irgarol 1051 manufacturers mentioned that marine antifouling coatings, as a special functional protective coating, are used for coating on the bottom of ships, marine structures, offshore oil platforms, submarine oil pipelines, etc. to prevent marine organisms from attaching and fouling.

Low surface energy antifouling coatings. The antifouling principle is to develop coatings with unique surface properties, making it difficult for sea creatures to adhere to them. Even if they are not firmly attached, the adhesion interface is very weak, and they easily fall off under the action of water or other external forces. Traditional toxic antifouling coatings generally only have an inhibitory effect on certain marine organisms, and their antifouling effect gradually decreases with the continuous release of toxic substances. Low surface energy antifouling coatings can prevent the adhesion of various sea creatures. More importantly, low surface energy antifouling coatings are based on the physical action of the coating surface. There is no problem of release and loss of toxic substances, which can play a long-term anti-fouling effect. The role of dirt. At present, the simple low surface energy antifouling coatings that are researched and developed can only make sea creatures not adhere firmly and need to be cleaned regularly. The attached organisms will be difficult to remove once they grow up, and the paint film will be destroyed during the cleaning process. Therefore, its application scope is currently very limited, and it is mostly applied to high-speed ships, but it is not applicable to large ships that are difficult to be regularly docked and cleaned.

Antifouling agent Irgarol 1051

China Irgarol 1051 is one of the most widely used marine antifouling agents. Cybutryne Irgarol is a commonly used term for marine antifouling paint. The presence of Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 has been detected in natural waters around the world, and the highest concentration in the water environment of Singapore has been detected at 4.2 mg · L-1. Its existence seriously affects the survival and growth of non-target organisms, and can change the population composition and abundance of ecological communities, seriously threatening the health and safety of aquatic ecosystems.

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