N-vinyl Pyrrolidone

N-vinyl Pyrrolidone

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N-vinyl pyrrolidone

CAS No. 88-12-0
Chemical Name: N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone

N-Vinyl caprolactam (CAS No. 2235-00-9), the ideal substitutes of N-vinylpyrrolidone.N-Vinylcaprolactam
● CAS No.: 2235-00-9
● Formula: C8H13NO
● Formula Weight: 139.19
● Description: White to pale yellow solid
● Most favorable molecular structure for petroleum production and printing ink.

Chemical intermediates as Petroleum Production & Printing Ink.
N-Vinyl caprolactam is also used as a reactive diluent for UV-coatings, inks and adhesives as well as a building block for synthesis of paper coatings


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