2,2-dimethylmalonate Preparation Method

- Jan 31, 2019-

 Preparation method: A synthesis method of dimethyl 2,2-dimethylmalonate is characterized by:

 firstly, using 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol as starting material, phosphohexanoic acid as catalyst, oxidizing it to crude 2,2-dimethylmalonate with 50% hydrogen peroxide, then recrystallizing it with deionized water to obtain pure 2,2-dimethylmalonate;

 secondly, using sodium bisulfate hydrate as catalyst, 2,2-dimethylmalonate is obtained. Methylmalonic acid is esterified with methanol, and the water carrier is alkane. After the reaction, the solvent is used. The product 2,2-dimethylmalonic acid dimethyl ester is obtained by washing, drying and vacuum distillation of anhydrous magnesium sulfate.