2018 China Caprolactam Industry

- Jan 28, 2019-

In 2018, China's caprolactam industry entered a period of stable development, and the overall market price remained high and fluctuated, and the fluctuation range narrowed compared with the previous two years. Affected by the low-level operation of raw materials, the profitability of caprolactam enterprises has increased significantly this year, and the profit of caprolactam industry has remained at 3,000 yuan/ton for a long time. Due to environmental protection policies and tight constraints on raw material cyclohexanone resources, caprolactam enterprises have maintained low levels for a long time, and this year's capacity growth has slowed down. The market supply has tightened, while the demand for downstream nylon chips has grown rapidly. Many new units have been put into operation. The supply and demand of caprolactam is basically Facing good. Jinlian Chuang brings you a simple summary of the 2018 caprolactam industry memorabilia.

1. Caprolactam production enters a high-profit era     

  This year, the overall profitability of domestic caprolactam enterprises has been greatly enhanced. The company is in a high-profit mode throughout the year, and the company has no loss period for the whole year. The average profit of the company during the year is as high as 3386.6 yuan/ton. The highest profit in the year is in September. Up to 4443 yuan / ton. The lowest profit during the year was also at 1575 yuan/ton at the beginning of May. This year, the caprolactam market in China has maintained a high level for a long time. The overall market volatility has narrowed, while the price of raw materials has not changed much. Therefore, the profit of caprolactam enterprises has remained at a relatively high level. Enterprises are attracted by high profits, and there are more new or expanded projects in the later stage.

2. Domestic caprolactam production capacity will expand greatly in 2019

Domestic caprolactam production capacity will increase significantly in 2019. Since 2017, the domestic caprolactam enterprise's profitability has increased significantly, and domestic new/amplified caprolactam projects have gradually increased. According to the statistics of Jinlian, the domestic production capacity of caprolactam was 1.23 million tons/year in 2019, an increase of 32.88%. Jiangsu Haili, Fujian Yongrong, Fujian Shenyuan and Henan Shenma and other enterprises have several sets of large caprolactam plants to be put into production. Baling Hengyi, Inner Mongolia Qinghua and Hubei Saning manufacturers still have three sets of 100,000 tons of new devices. Put into production, Orchid Science and Technology 30,000 tons / year of the bottleneck expansion project, initially expected to start production in 2019. If the plant is fully operational, by the end of next year, the domestic caprolactam capacity will reach 4.77 million tons / year, and the production capacity will face a crisis of excess.

3. Putian will rise to the world's largest CPL industrial production base

    With a total investment of 14.8 billion yuan, Fujian Yongrong Technology will produce 600,000 tons of caprolactam project with an area of about 3,600 mu. The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of construction will be 200,000 tons of caprolactam per year. The project will be officially started in October 2016. Covering an area of more than 1,000 mu, under the premise of meeting safety and environmental protection, the company has scientifically constructed three major production facilities: ammonia deuteration, caprolactam refining and cyclohexanone. It has its own power station, hydrogen peroxide, air separation nitrogen, sulfuric acid and methanol. 5 major supporting production facilities such as hydrogen production and public works.

   At present, the main downstream customers of the project are the 800,000 tons nylon (PA6) polymerization and spinning industry chain of Yongrong Holding Group. In order to meet the needs of downstream customers, the company has started the construction of the second phase of 400,000 tons of caprolactam project, which is planned to be 2019. At the end of the year, the second phase will be put into production. After the project is fully put into production, the Shimen Ao New Material Industrial Park in Putian truly realizes one of the largest production bases of caprolactam in the world.

4. The caprolactam in the Baling Petrochemical City will be relocated as a whole.

   With the rapid development of Yueyang Central City, the caprolactam industrial chain in Baling Petrochemical City is integrated with the urban area, and a large number of inflammable, explosive and toxic and hazardous materials are stored in the production plant area, which poses a large safety and environmental protection hazard. In accordance with the relevant requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, in order to meet the needs of Yueyang city development, and at the same time to achieve the technical upgrading of the caprolactam industrial chain, and help Baling Petrochemical turn losses, it is decided to relocate the urban caprolactam to the Yueyang Green Chemical Industrial Park.

    In accordance with the principle of “overall planning, step-by-step implementation, joint venture and cooperation”, Yueyang will actively support project construction, provide full service of project services, and give preferential policies to the project, and complete the project relocation task by 2025.

5. Hengshen acquired Fubangte to become the largest and the most complete caprolactam production group in the industry chain.

    On the morning of October 30th, the Netherlands time, the equity delivery ceremony of Hengshen Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as “Heng Shen”) and Fubonte Holding Company (hereinafter referred to as “Fubonte”) was successfully held in Maastricht, the Netherlands. After the transaction, Hengshen owns 60% of the shares of Fubonte Dutch Caprolactam Factory (Fubonte Co., Ltd.) and Fubonte China Nanjing Caprolactam Factory (Nanjing Fubang Special Oriental Chemical Co., Ltd.). The world's largest caprolactam production group, and the first to open a complete industrial chain of 8 links upstream and downstream.

In this transaction, Hengshen acquired a 280,000-ton caprolactam production unit, a 320,000-ton phenol-cyclohexanone production unit, and a 400,000-ton caprolactam production unit at the Fubonte Nanjing plant. Acquired core technologies and intellectual property rights such as caprolactam production technology, phenol cyclohexanone production process and ammonium sulfate large particle production technology.     The world's fourth reverse merger in the world, Hengshen caprolactam scale jumped to the world's largest, thus has three production bases in Lianjiang, Nanjing and Europe, the annual production capacity of caprolactam reached 1.08 million tons, forming a caprolactam production The core of the global chemical industry new material industry cluster. Through this acquisition, Hengshen took the lead in opening the complete industrial chain of cyclohexanone-caprolactam-polymerization-spinning-spinning-warping-weaving-dyeing.