Advantages Of Nitrate-based Fertilizer

- Dec 16, 2019-

First, high nitrate nitrogen content

Nitrogen-sulfur-based compound fertilizer contains nitrate nitrogen ≥7. The nitro-sulphur-based compound fertilizer contains two kinds of nitrogen sources at the same time. Compared with ordinary sulfur-based compound fertilizers, the crops have stronger growth, higher yield and better quality.

Second, it is safer to use

Loquat crops can absorb a large amount of nitrate nitrogen. The excess nitrate nitrogen is stored in the vacuole for future use. It is not expected that excessive absorption of ammonium nitrogen will cause damage to the crop.

Third, good crop quality

Ammonium nitrogen can inhibit the absorption of calcium and magnesium ions by crops. Nitrate nitrogen can reverse the absorption of calcium and magnesium ions by crops, reduce physiological diseases caused by calcium and magnesium deficiency in crops, and improve the storage resistance and quality of crops. .

Fourth, a wide range of applications

1. Almost all dryland crops like nitrate nitrogen

2.It is especially suitable for melon, fruits, vegetables, peanuts and other crops that require large amounts of calcium and magnesium, as well as chlorine-resistant crops such as tea, potatoes, sugar cane and soybeans, peanuts, rape, shallots, garlic, cabbage and cabbage The effect is better on sulfur crops and on crops such as saline land and greenhouses.