Akzo Nobel Launches Recyclable Paint

- Oct 10, 2019-

Aksu Nobel became the first major manufacturer of recycled coatings due to a groundbreaking partnership with resource management specialist Veolia in the UK.

The revolutionary Evolve matte lotion developed by the company's Dulux Trade brand is made from waste from other people's paint cans to reduce landfill.

Petroleum Resin C9 manufacturers said that after recycling any remaining white paint, Veolia classifies, filters and refines it. It was then redesigned with AkzoNobel's new paint and extensively tested to ensure that each tin meets the high standards expected by Dulux Trade. The final product contains 35% recycled paint.

Rudd Joosten, AkzoNobel’s chief operating officer, said: “We are always looking for new ways to promote sustainable innovation, reduce waste and create a recycling economy, while providing our customers with fresh solutions that do not affect quality.” “By introducing Evolve, We will reduce the carbon footprint of Dulux Trade products and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals."

Rinke van Heiningen, Director of Sustainability at AkzoNobel, added: “Sustainability is at the heart of our business. Therefore, we focus on developing products and technologies that have the most positive impact. We also know that people expect more than just brands. Products, so we are always striving to provide the most sustainable and meaningful solutions."

Evolve was created after years of investment, hard work and commitment to improving the company's sustainable products. A special achievement is to reduce the carbon footprint per liter of Evolve coating production by more than 10% (compared to standard vinyl matte).

The product has been rigorously tested by R&D specialists and has been blindly tested by decorators and paint contractors. Many small-scale trials have also been conducted.

Josten continued: "The launch of this new coating is just the latest step for AkzoNobel to achieve its sustainability goals and help seal the waste recycling cycle. This is how we build sustainable leadership in the coatings and coatings industry. Another example of the pace of the players."