Ammonium Sulfate March Export Report

- May 06, 2019-

Ammonium sulfate March export report

According to customs statistics, in March 2019, China exported a total of 525,000 tons of ammonium sulfate products, an increase of 189,200 tons last month, an increase of 56.33%, a decrease of 128,500 tons in March 2018, a decrease of 19.66%.

According to customs data, the top ten exporters of ammonium sulfate in China in March 2019 were Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Malaysia, France, Myanmar, South Africa, Pakistan, Colombia, and Thailand. The largest export volume is still Indonesia, with 134,198 tons, accounting for 25.55% of the total, up 29.6% from February, and Vietnam, with 92,454 tons, accounting for 17% of the total, up 132% from the previous month. %, the third exporter is Turkey, which is 57,926, down 0.15% from February.

According to customs data, from the perspective of exporting provinces and cities, the top five exporters of ammonium sulfate in China in March 2019 were Jiangsu, Yunnan, Beijing, Yunnan and Shandong. Jiangsu Province has always been a major export province, with a large distribution of caprolactam facilities in the region, and convenient transportation near the port, and the export volume has remained at the top. Most of the exporters in Yunnan are Southeast Asia.


From the perspective of imports, the amount of ammonium sulfate imported from China in March 2019 was only 2.045 tons. The source countries were Korea and Japan, and the import provinces were Jiangsu Province and Shandong Province. The trade method was general trade and feed processing trade.

In terms of export volume, Brazil and other major demanding countries are still in a flat period, but Brazil's demand will pick up in the coming months, demand will increase significantly, and the export market will improve in the later period. At present, the caprolactam plant in China is operating at a low level, the supply is tight, and the domestic price is firm. At present, the price of FOB China is stable at 110-113 US dollars/ton, and the price for export to Brazil is about 140-145 US dollars/ton CFR. Exports are expected to continue to rise in March compared to March.