Arkema Opens New Powder Coating Resin Plant In India

- Jul 06, 2019-

powder coating resin

Arkema announced the establishment of a new powder coating resin (Mainline Petroleum Resin C9 factory) plant in Navi Mumbai, India, which also includes a professional laboratory dedicated to providing application development and technical support. The company said the plant will help Arkema better serve its customers in the fast-growing powder coatings market in India, the Gulf region and surrounding countries.

Marc Schuller, Executive Vice President of Arkema Coatings (Petroleum Resin C9), said: “The new facility has greatly expanded the global footprint of the product, enabling us to better meet the local needs of India and Southeast Asia. India is the most developed of these products. One of the fast markets. The new facility will provide formulators in the region with a reliable supply and the resources needed to easily develop high performance low VOC powder coating products."

The new plant will produce polyester powder resins sold under the REAFREE trademark. REAFREE polyester resin is mainly used in the development of low VOC powder coatings, which are widely used in industrial fields and architectural applications.

Arkema also produces alkyd, acrylic and oil-free polyester resins, as well as reactive polyamide resins at its production site in Navi Mumbai. The R&D lab for powder coatings (the main raw material Petroleum Resin C9) is operated at its plant in Sant Celoni, Spain and North Kansas City, Missouri.