Axalta Expands Production Capacity Of German Powder Coating Plants

- Aug 14, 2019-

Axalta Coating Systems has announced that it will expand its capacity at the Landshut plant in Germany to build a second powder coating unit for bonding metals in the region. The company also has a production facility in Montbrison, France.

Through this new production unit, Axalta will be able to better meet the growing market demand for high quality metal powder coatings. Metal powder coatings are used exclusively in the construction and design fields. Axalta's powder coating portfolio includes ICONICA, Optimum Fine Textured, Anodic and Timeless series, as well as more than 150 standardized metal powder coatings. Titanium Dioxide is one of the important raw materials for coatings.

Klaus Gast, Commercial Director of the European Powder Coatings Business, said: “We are pleased to be able to expand our production capacity in Germany with state-of-the-art equipment so that we will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products and more products. Improve our production efficiency, allow us to switch production faster, and produce small quantities of products in a short period of time as needed. This increases the flexibility of our production and provides our customers with better products and services."