Baoji Titanium Valley Will Become The Future International Titanium Industry Center

- Jul 10, 2019-

Baoji·China Titanium Valley-Germany Frankfurt Promotion Conference and International Cooperation Signing Conference was successfully held in Frankfurt, Germany. Nearly 100 people from Germany, Baoji enterprises, association representatives and many mainstream and industry media attended the event. At the meeting, Wang Lin, deputy mayor of Baoji Municipal People's Government, Klauze, Director of the German Flanders Tourism Bureau, and Ma Wei, Vice President of the Shaanxi General Association of Germany, delivered speeches respectively, and Hao Jinsheng, director of the management committee of Baoji National High-tech Zone Introduce the development status and investment projects of Baoji·China Titanium Valley. Innovation is the first driving force for development. Hao Jinsheng said that titanium has ten characteristics, such as low density, high specific strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good heat resistance. Titanium is widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine, chemical, building materials, medical, sports and other fields. It is known as "space metal", "marine metal" and "smart metal". It is an indispensable strategy to improve the level of national defense equipment. Materials are getting more and more attention and recognition from the society. This also provides rare opportunities and huge market demand for the innovation, development, and development of the titanium industry. The Baoji Titanium industry represents the advanced level of China's titanium material research and development and production, and its industrial scale ranks first in the country, ranking second in the world.

Hao Jinsheng, Director of the Management Committee of Baoji National High-tech Zone, promoted the development status of Baoji·China Titanium Valley and the investment project to build China Titanium Valley, and became the global titanium industry center Baoji·China Titanium Valley as the national titanium ministry approved titanium and titanium alloy industry The base is the first batch of patent navigation development experimental zones and national titanium industry innovation clusters. At present, there are 503 scientific research, production and processing enterprises engaged in the titanium industry, and 146 sales enterprises, which can produce profile pipes of 25 grades, 244 varieties and more than 5,000 specifications of titanium and titanium alloys. Established Shaanxi Province Titanium and Rare Metal Materials Industry Alliance, Baoji Titanium Industry Association and Titanium Materials Application Innovation Incubation and Filling Center and other industry service organizations, with 2 national-level technology centers, R&D centers, 2 post-doctoral workstations, and 2 academician workstations. 2 key laboratories. Established 2 guiding funds and a number of special funds, established the Baoji Branch of the Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals, and has 17,000 domestic first-class experts. The National Titanium Products Supervision and Inspection Center, China Titanium Trading Center, and Shaanxi New Materials High-tech Venture Capital Fund have been established. Around the innovation and development of the titanium industry, the National Engineering Research Center for Rapid Manufacturing, the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, and the National CNC have been introduced. Seven major centers, such as System Engineering Technology Research Center, Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center, Metal Surface Functional Coating Preparation and Application Research Center, provide innovative platform support for the transformation and upgrading of titanium industry. The “China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo and Titanium Valley Forum” was held for two consecutive years and achieved good results. Since 2017, the Baoji Municipal Government has decided to hold the “Baoji·China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo” as a permanent exhibition, and it will hold a biennial cooperation with the China Titanium, Zirconium and Titanium Association, and hold the “Titanium Industry Summit Forum”.

In 2016, Baoji Titanium and rare metal materials industry realized a total industrial output value of 50 billion yuan and a total export value of 83.75 million US dollars. The output of titanium processed materials accounts for about 60% of the total domestic titanium industry production; the output of titanium dioxide accounts for 65.7% of the total titanium powder production in the country.

"China Titanium Valley" takes off again

Cao Chunxiao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, once pointed out at Baoji·China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo, “Baoji·China Titanium Valley is the birthplace of titanium technology innovation and the birthplace of high-end titanium products, in improving product quality and application of high-end products. Actively, it plays a leading role in the development of the titanium industry and contributes to the application of new materials in China."

As the "key event" of the European titanium exhibition - the signing ceremony of the Baoji International Cooperation Project has received much attention. When signing the deep sea exploration equipment project cooperated by German KUM Deep Sea Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. and Baoji Tuopuda Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., the entire product line of precious metal catalysts cooperated with Umicore AG & Co.KG and Shaanxi Ruike New Materials Co., Ltd. The project, the cooperation between Germany Anku Co., Ltd. and Baoji Jucheng Titanium Co., Ltd., is an efficient and environmentally friendly titanium air cooler cooperation project.

The deep sea exploration equipment project will rely on the leading technology of K.U.M in Germany, and the joint venture production of deep sea monitoring titanium alloy equipment by Baoji Tuopuda Co., Ltd. will jointly develop the international market and promote the transformation and development of the titanium industry. The precious metal catalyst full product line project will realize the strong combination of Umicore and Shaanxi Ruike New Materials, and produce and promote the frontier precious metal homogeneous catalyst, leading the international titanium industry high-end market. The high-efficiency and environmentally friendly titanium air cooler cooperation project is mainly developed by Germany Anku and Baoji Jucheng Titanium Co., Ltd. to develop high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly titanium air coolers, titanium high-heating finned tubes, which combine to form high heat flux density, and the equipment refrigeration and replacement rate are greatly improved. Maintain a leading edge in the international marine refrigeration and environmental protection field. Germany Laiou Business Information Co., Ltd., Germany Magnesium Co., Ltd., Germany's Nyxchenko Company, and Germany's Birhart Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. also signed contracts with Baoji High-tech Zone on Sino-European non-ferrous metal cooperation and technical talents.

This event is the first international promotion event organized by Baoji·China Titanium Valley in Germany. At the subsequent press conference, reporters from the People’s Daily Overseas Network German Channel, Phoenix Satellite TV, European Times, China Business News, German Life News, China News Agency, Germany, and Titanium Information Media interviewed on the spot; Baoji City People Wang Lin, deputy mayor of the government, Hao Jinsheng, director of the management committee of Baoji National High-tech Zone, and Director of the Tourism Director of Germany's Flanders, Mr. Krause, and Xia Haitao, editor-in-chief of the German Business Daily, answered questions from reporters.

Wang Lin, deputy mayor of Baoji Municipal People's Government, answered the question

After the meeting, representatives of the company will also go to the German steel giant ThyssenKrupp to study and participate in the industry event held by the International Titanium Association - the 2017 European Titanium Exhibition, to discuss cooperation with internationally renowned companies on the spot.