Bardez Group Opens Dual Headquarters

- Sep 03, 2019-

On July 20th, the headquarters of the Bardez Group was established, formally forming a “double headquarters” pattern with the headquarters of the Bardez Group. This move marks the overall acceleration of the internationalization process of the Bardez Group, which has been officially upgraded from a national layout to a global layout. It is also an important part of the Bardez Group's realization of the "World Dream".

The initiative is an important part of the “Hundred Years of Paint Dreams” and has a milestone significance in the history of Bardez’s development.

On the same day, Titania manufacturers said that China National Coatings Industry Association President Sun Lianying, Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association Architectural Coatings Branch Secretary Li Jie, Guangdong Coatings Industry Association Secretary-General Lu Shuilie, and Bardez Group Chairman Fang Xueping And about 400 people from well-known entrepreneurs, large-scale strategic partners, national quality distributors and news media from all over the country, including coatings and upstream and downstream, participated in this historical moment.

At the celebration, Sun Lianying, president of the China Coatings Industry Association, first delivered a speech. She said that in the new era of economic globalization, the pattern of the global coatings industry is also undergoing profound changes. The Bardez Group is aiming at Shanghai with a forward-looking vision and wisdom from the dawn, establishing a Shanghai headquarters in Shanghai, an international metropolis, and forming a “double headquarters” pattern with the Bardez Group's Guangdong headquarters, which not only marks the overall acceleration of the Bardez Group. The process of reforming and officially upgrading from the whole country to the global layout is an important measure for Bardez Group to realize the "World Dream" and an important part of realizing the "100 Years of Paint Dreams". This move will become the strategic layout of Chinese paint companies. model! It will also greatly help national paint companies to shine on the world paint stage!

Lu Shuilie, secretary general of the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, said that in 2019, the world's top paint manufacturers list was released, and the Bardez Group ranked 42 among the world's top paint manufacturers. Bardez is making a solid step towards the "Bads of the World", and the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association is proud of this outstanding achievement. It is believed that Bardez under the dual headquarters structure will be able to take on the role of the national paint company and greatly enhance the world influence of China's environmental protection coatings.

Fang Xueping, Chairman of the Bardez Group, made a theme report on "Based on Shanghai and Globally" at the celebration. He said that Bardez Group will achieve "with a focus on coatings, quality as life and culture as a business". Do the goal of a century-old paint company. In the future, the Shanghai headquarters will focus on the two global positioning of “Global High-tech R&D Center” and “Global Marketing Center”. Specifically, it will recruit 60 doctors-level experts in chemical coatings, set up 10 high-tech product research institutes, establish a national core city business unit, establish a Southeast Asia business unit, establish a Central Asia business unit, establish a Middle East business unit, and establish an African business unit. Established the Italian business unit.

According to him, Bardez has already targeted Shanghai's excellent strategic advantage as early as 2010, and invested in Shanghai Bardez Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd.; next, the Shanghai headquarters will build a new high-performance water-based coating with an annual output of 150,000 tons. The materials project was installed, and the Shanghai headquarters was fully upgraded with international standards. Bardez will take advantage of Shanghai's international metropolis to promote high-end product development and establish a high-end brand image. He said that in the future, Bardez will be based in Shanghai, look to the world, and enhance the international influence of the brand with all partners, push the national paint to the world, and build a century-old paint dream!

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