Breathable Plastic Track Use Instructions

- Jun 01, 2019-

Breathable plastic track use instructions:

1. Plastic track is used for student training, competition, sports and fitness exercises, and is not suitable for other purposes;

2, to avoid the pollution of harmful substances, often keep clean, avoid severe mechanical shock and friction, no vehicles on the runway are allowed to drive or park, stacking heavy objects and sharp objects (except standard running shoes). Special sneakers can be worn, the length of the nail is generally not more than 6 mm, and the jumping shoes are generally not more than 9 mm. If the sports shoelace has a long nail, it is not allowed to be used on the plastic track. It is strictly forbidden to wear plastic shoes such as leather shoes and high-heeled shoes.

3. It is strictly forbidden to eat snacks on plastics (for example: melon seeds, chewing gum, instant noodles, and other foods);

4. Avoid fireworks and isolate heat sources, avoid contact with organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts and other fires and pollutants.

5, should always be sprayed with water spray, after cleaning, a small amount of residual water on the rubber surface can be removed with a dry cloth. Oil stains can be cleaned with 10% ammonia or detergent or detergent.

6. The edge of the plastic track should be strengthened and protected from arbitrarily. If damage or blistering is found, it should be notified to the school authorities for repair.

7. The main raw material of the plastic track is zinc isophthalate.