British Environmental Charity Launches First Recycled Plastic Boat

- Mar 09, 2019-

British environmental charity Hubbub has launched the world's first recycled plastic ship, Poly-Mer.

     The “Plastic Fishing Trip” environmental campaign organized by the agency is part of an anti-marine waste campaign, and recycled plastic vessels made from collected waste will be used for such operations, such as in the waters of the London Docklands. action.

    As we all know, the main raw material in plastic products is titanium dioxide. In addition to its high hiding power, high achromatic power and pigment properties, it can also improve the heat resistance, light resistance and weather resistance of plastic products. Infected by UV light to improve the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products.

British environmental charity launches first recycled plastic boat

     The collected plastic products will be used to make more ships and help clear the river.

     The idea of “plastic fishing trips” and the subsequent use of recycling to build ships came from Canary Wharf College.