Characteristics Of Petroleum Resin

- Aug 13, 2019-

C9 petroleum resin has excellent physical and mechanical insulation properties and flexible manufacturing processes, which are not available in other thermosetting plastics. Therefore, it can be used as a coating, composite, casting, adhesive, molding material and injection molding material, and is widely used in many fields of national industry.

C9 and C5 petroleum resins have the following characteristics:

(1) Low viscosity and good processability. Its viscosity is much lower than that of bisphenol A type petroleum resin. It has good process performance without adding diluent. It can be used as solventless coating, solventless adhesive, optoelectronic component encapsulation material, etc.

(2) Good thermal stability and high heat resistance. Its Class H insulating potting compound can be used for more than 5000h at 180 °C; its service life at 130 °C is 40 years.

(3) Good weather resistance. Its coating is not easy to yellow and chalk in the sun or ultraviolet exposure. The performance is better than bisphenol A type petroleum resin and acrylic resin coating. Its salt spray resistance and corrosion resistance are also outstanding, and it can be used as an antifouling coating for marine buildings and ships, and as an adhesive for construction.

(4) It has outstanding electrical performance under high voltage and ultra high voltage, especially with excellent arc resistance and leakage resistance, and can be used as a high voltage resistant insulation device.

(5) It has strong polarity and low twist, so it has good wetting ability and cohesiveness to glass fiber, carbon fiber and various fillers, and can add a large amount of filler without reducing the processability, so that The coefficient of linear expansion and cost are reduced.

(6) Low toxicity. It can be used as a coating for food packaging and sanitary packaging, as a non-toxic adhesive.

(7) Water-soluble hydantoin resin can be used to treat textiles and paper to improve its strength and wrinkle resistance.