How Does China's Titanium Dioxide Market Go Out Of The Dilemma

- Feb 04, 2019-

  Every industry has a survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest is a must for every industry, and the titanium dioxide industry is no exception. This wave of domestic titanium dioxide market pattern is chaotic, the industry entry threshold is low, and overcapacity is prominent.

  Consumers have this experience: when shopping in an assortment of commodity markets, they found that there are many different types of products. They have different brand names and different brands, but the packaging, price, quality, function, etc. are similar. At this time, consumers feel that they have no choice. In the case of quality and price, once a similar product with a unique personality appears, consumers tend to have their eyes bright and lock their desire to buy. This is the confusion about the purchase choices that homogenized goods give consumers.

  In fact, homogenization is a common phenomenon in our domestic commodity market, and it is a vivid reflection of the low technical strength, heavy imitation and low-level redundant construction of our production enterprises. Of course, our titanium dioxide industry has always had serious homogenization problems, but it has not attracted people's attention during the previous economic stabilization period. In the current severe economic situation, the serious drawbacks and market of homogenization of titanium dioxide industry. The negative effects are quickly highlighted. For a long time, the titanium dioxide industry is in a situation of “low-end surplus, melee; high-end shortage, falling”. In recent years, various enterprises in the titanium white industry have begun to pay attention to the optimization and upgrading of product structure. Some key enterprises have made certain progress in diversifying product structure, and the product quality has also been greatly improved, but the homogenization problem has not fundamentally changed. At the same time, the stability of domestic titanium dioxide product quality has been plagued by various manufacturers, which has also greatly weakened the market competitiveness of domestic titanium dioxide. Obviously, our titanium dioxide enterprises can only embark on the path of healthy development only by getting rid of the muddy competition of homogenization. So, how do our titanium dioxide companies get out of the homogenization? This is what the domestic titanium dioxide industry is concerned about.

  Domestic large-scale titanium dioxide producers may be at a disadvantage in terms of cost competition compared with domestic similar enterprises, but as long as they make good use of their own equipment and technical advantages, they will fully develop and mass-produce high-value-added products that replace imports. By embarking on the industrial production road, it will be able to avoid the edge of homogenization competition and get out of the unprecedented low in the operation of titanium dioxide.

  Regarding the way out of the homogenization of titanium dioxide, some senior people in the titanium white industry believe that the development of China's titanium dioxide industry has entered the era of brand competition from product competition. Only brand competition can complete the change from homogenization competition of products to differentiated competition of brands. Only brand competition can truly meet the individual needs of consumers. In the brand management of titanium dioxide, shape cultural connotation to meet the spiritual needs of customers. Will be more and more important. At the same time, in the brand management of titanium dioxide, accurate brand positioning and brand personality shaping are needed. Therefore, the titanium dioxide brand positioning must be targeted, using a specific brand image to attract specific target groups. In the current titanium dioxide market, the brand has become an important marketing outlet. For customers, the titanium dioxide brand can significantly reduce the cost of consumer choice, reduce the risk of consumer purchases, and bring higher benefits to consumers, such as personalized emotional credit. For titanium dioxide producers, the titanium dioxide brand can bring sustainable and stable benefits to the company and promote sustainable development.

  At present, the titanium dioxide market has entered the customer segmentation stage. There are many downstream users of titanium dioxide, which have different requirements on the quality and type of titanium dioxide. It is the production of general titanium white products or special titanium white products, according to the market structure. set. As the brand competition is ready to go, brand service will become an important factor supporting the titanium dioxide brand. After careful market research, Titanium Dioxide Operators should tailor the characteristics of Titanium Dioxide products and services to target customers. The service of the titanium dioxide operator can only fulfill the individualized demand of the consumer, and can complete the differentiated competition conversion from the homogenization of the titanium dioxide product to the brand.

   In summary, domestic titanium dioxide enterprises should accelerate technological innovation and improve the quality of titanium dioxide products. At the same time, accelerate the construction of brands and regard brand competition as the driving force for long-term development. In addition, the titanium dioxide operator should provide targeted and targeted personalized services according to the individual requirements of customers to meet the product demands of special industries, so that when a new market operation pattern forms a climate as a whole, our titanium white The industry can gradually get out of the homogenization.