What Is The Difference Between Organic Fertilizer And Fertilizer?

- Jul 08, 2019-

The countryside is to make a living by farming, and land is the basis for the peasants to survive. Fertilizers must be indispensable, but in recent years, the emergence of organic fertilizers has had a significant impact on fertilizers. It also has certain benefits for crop growth. Why are organic fertilizers more popular? What is the difference between organic fertilizer and fertilizer?

    The so-called fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer that is produced by industrialization and is chemically reacted to facilitate the growth and development of crops. There are many types of fertilizers, and urea is common. The reason why the fertilizer is popular with everyone is the strong target, fast effect and high nutrient content. If the crop lacks any nutrients, then you can buy specialized fertilizers. When the fertilizers are scattered in the ground, they will work immediately, and the growth of crops will be greatly improved.

    The organic fertilizer relative to inorganic fertilizer is the animal waste that everyone often says, and the organic fertilizer is formed through scientific processing and production technology. Because it belongs to green safe natural fertilizer, it is welcomed by everyone. This fertilizer can provide various nutrients for the growth of crops. The rich probiotics can improve the structure of the soil and increase the vitality of the land. This nutrient can provide crops with nutrients that cannot be provided by fertilizers.

    From this point of view, although the effect of chemical fertilizer is good, but the side effects are large, relatively more organic fertilizers use long-term development, so the country also strongly advocates the use of organic fertilizer.