Domestic Molecular Sieve Production Process Characteristics And Problems

- Mar 11, 2019-

Domestic molecular sieve production process characteristics and problems

    In recent years, China's molecular sieve industry has developed greatly, and its selective adsorption performance for water is higher than that of any other molecular materials. Therefore, 4A molecular sieve is one of the largest molecular sieve varieties in the industry. Our country has become the world's largest producer and exporter of molecular sieves, but there are also some problems, including:

    First of all, the product grade is not high, the price is low, and the competitiveness is poor. The output of molecular sieves in China has grown rapidly, but most of them are medium and low-grade products. There are still some problems in terms of quality and variety. Lack of high-strength, high-adsorption performance, high value-added, special-purpose molecular sieve products, high-grade varieties, especially some new types of production capacity is seriously insufficient, or even blank, the added value of products is low. Less competitive in the international market.

    Again, R&D technology, production processes, and production equipment are backward. This problem directly leads to the low end of the product. At present, most domestic zeolite molecular sieve manufacturers have relatively backward production processes, mainly through single zeolite production, and the product quality is highly dependent on the raw material zeolite powder. In addition, too many small businesses lead to vicious competition among each other, which causes the profits of the entire industry to decline.

    Most importantly, the development of new molecular sieve products is insufficient. At present, most manufacturers do not have R&D departments, and the research, development, production and management levels of new products lag behind, affecting the long-term development of the zeolite molecular sieve industry.

    These problems have directly led to problems such as poor competitiveness of domestic molecular sieves in the international market. We need people in this industry to constantly strive to improve and catch up with the world industry as soon as possible.