Dye Intermediate Prices Continue To Rise

- Apr 26, 2019-

The International Dyestuff Exhibition ended in 2019, but it did not seem to stop a series of just-needed price increases.

This year's dye exhibition theme is the lack of intermediate "m-phenylenediamine", the downstream product of m-phenylenediamine is also rising, some dye filter cakes are out of stock, such as 93 purple, 291 blue, ruby, etc., of course, everyone is talking about dragons Sheng's stock doubled.

Individual disperse dyes have been out of stock, and some products of reactive dyes are also relatively short. On the 17th, it was reported that the price of m-phenylenediamine rose to 200,000/ton has been sold.

The Tianjiayi explosion continued to ferment. According to market arguments, no new capacity will emerge in 2-3 years.

Existing capacity countries:

Inner Anno Chemical has a total of 65,000 tons/year of self-use.

Before the maintenance of Sichuan Hongguang, no orders will be taken.

DuPont's own use, India has a small amount of capacity, including the downstream products of m-phenylenediamine: disperse dyes, methylene, m-urea, and some resin products. These products have relatively large price increases. The incident has highlighted security issues, and the price increase is also the price increase of the market supply and demand.

The price of m-phenylenediamine is not the highest price of 150,000 yuan/ton. The market supply and demand relationship will change and the price will rise again.

Focus on intermediates in the second half of the year: m-phenylenediamine, hydrazine, H acid, K acid, m-urea

Hey, although it is a small product, it can be a listed company. 2-Methylanthraquinone is an important intermediate in steroids.

However, due to the Xiangshui Industrial Park incident, Yabang stopped production, did not quote externally, and was seriously out of stock. It directly rose 100,000 from 80,000. It can be said that money is not necessarily available for purchase, and 100,000 still have to wait for goods. There is almost no such product in China. , causing 56# blue, 60# blue to flash. Frandcom can continue to offer 2-Methylanthraquinone and has not stopped production.

H acid and para-lipid are the most active intermediates in reactive dyes. After the dye exhibition last year, the price of H acid rose directly from 35,000 to 50,000 yuan, and it took less than a week to complete the transaction. It was something that nobody thought of. The reason for the rise is also the shortage of goods, market supply and demand behavior.

Last year, there were more manufacturers of H acid, such as 3 in Shandong, 2 in Qinghai, 1 in Hubei, 1 in Xi'an, 1 in Shijiazhuang, and some small manufacturers. Coupled with the resistance of reactive dyes last year, the price lasted for a short time. The same bit of fat rose to 45,000 yuan, the counter-fat manufacturers started construction, the price also fell normally.

The price of double and m-urea between the downstream products of m-phenylenediamine is higher, the supply of the market is in short supply, and the price of some reactive dyes is higher than before.

At present, only a small amount of H acid manufacturers have started construction in Qinghai and Hubei. The dye exhibition has just ended. The demand for H acid and para-lips continues to increase, and small manufacturers are also affected by the 321 explosion event in the parking state.

The environmental cost of H acid has increased. The price increase is also a question of supply and demand in the normal market. How much can it rise? It is said that it has reached 80,000.

Will continue to be optimistic about the second half of 2019, Longsheng and alumina reactive dyes are expanding, the intermediate is another popular in the past two years.

Affected by the 321 water explosion, large-scale dye companies that have stopped production: Zhijiang, Jihua, Yabang, Annoqi, etc., the number of intermediate manufacturers is too numerous to enumerate.

The price of intermediates has leaped forward, will it pick up in the next few months?