Foreign Garbage Was Seized By Ningbo Customs

- Jul 18, 2019-

On July 12, Beilun Customs, a subsidiary of Ningbo Customs, notified the company that it had continuously seized 5 batches of banned imported waste plastics in the import cargo channel, with a total weight of about 337 tons. These waste plastics come from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and the declared products are recycled plastic particles such as ethylene copolymer recycled particles, ethylene propylene copolymer recycled particles, and PC/ABS alloy recycled particles.

    Customs officers found in the inspection that these plastic particles are of different sizes, impure colors, and the shape and shape are also chaotic, which does not conform to the "three unifications." After sampling and identification, the five batches of plastic particles are a mixture of scraps and scraps produced during the reprocessing of waste plastics, belonging to the state's banned import of solid waste. At present, these waste plastics have been handed over to relevant departments for further processing.

    It is understood that as a major importer of "foreign garbage", China is now stepping up the import policy of fastening body waste. After the ban on the import of household waste plastics in January 2018, the import of recycled plastics in China fell sharply throughout the year of 2018. Since January 2019, industrial waste plastic imports have also been banned. At this point, China's imports of waste plastics have become history.

    Ningbo Customs recently checked the list of imported solid waste

    1. Continuously seized two batches of “foreign garbage”

    On May 8th, a batch of recycled rubber from Thailand (Petroleum Resin C9 and Titanium dioxide is one of the main raw materials for rubber) and a batch of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) secondary film from the Czech Republic, all because of the obvious The unqualified appearance was seized by Ningbo Customs under the jurisdiction of Daxie Customs. After sampling and inspection, it was confirmed that the two batches of goods did not meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Control Standard for Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials, and it was a solid waste prohibited from import.

    Dadong Customs inspection officer Wan Dongqiang said that about 51 tons of rubber seized were only subjected to primary processing and contained a large number of cords of different lengths; another batch of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) secondary film was about 21 Tons, different colors, different thicknesses, some films have rewinding phenomenon. "Normal plastic film should be relatively neat, and this film roll has shown obvious signs of softening. It is obviously not directly usable after importing. It is a defective product in the plastic processing process, which is the 'foreign garbage' in everyone's mouth." It is understood that since the Dagu port is no longer used as a solid waste import port, six batches of "foreign garbage" with a pseudo-reported specification have been seized.

    2. Ningbo Customs intercepted more than 100 tons of waste polyester bottles.

    In mid-May, Ningbo Customs was subordinated to Beilun Customs and seized a batch of waste polyester sheets that were banned from import, totaling 5 containers and about 117 tons of goods.

    The goods were imported from Malaysia and the declared product was called polyester flake spinning material. It was found on the spot by the Ningbo Customs officers that the goods were of different colors, with many impurities and a large amount of dust. The appearance of the solid waste was suspected. . After sampling and inspection, the Customs officers confirmed that the goods were waste plastic bottles that had been simply crushed, and the powder, impurities, residues and other indicators were unqualified, and the high-grade polyester allowed to be imported by the state. The bottle pieces are far apart, and are typical “foreign garbage”. They are solid wastes that are prohibited from importing and do not comply with the regulations on solid waste management.

    3. Ningbo Daxie Customs seized a batch of “foreign garbage” this year*

    On June 5, Ningbo Customs seized a batch of solid waste imported from Belgium under the jurisdiction of Daxie Customs, totaling 63.4 tons. The Customs was attached to the Daxie Customs and found the color of the goods when it checked the batch of polyethylene wax imported from Belgium. More mixed, suspected solid waste.

    After sampling and inspection, it is confirmed as solid waste prohibited by the state. This case is a batch of "foreign garbage" seized at the Datun Port this year.