Global Nano-scale Titanium Dioxide Demand Will Grow Rapidly

- Aug 06, 2019-

According to data from Technavio, a large-scale multinational technology research consultancy in the United States, the global demand for nano-scale titanium dioxide will increase at a rate of 6% per year in the next five years. The reason for this demand growth is the increase in the amount of opacifiers in pigments and coatings. . Opacifying agents can enhance the appearance and durability of the pigment. The widespread use of pigments and coatings in the construction, automotive and packaging industries will greatly increase their demand.

Nanoscale titanium dioxide is used in a wide range of applications, such as sunscreens and wood preservatives. Sunscreens containing nano-scale titanium dioxide are applied more evenly than sunscreens containing titanium dioxide particles. Nanotechnology also enhances the mechanical, tribological and optical properties of titanium dioxide for opacifiers. Therefore, the future development of investment in nano-scale titanium dioxide is profitable.

Industry analysts believe that the growth in demand for titanium dioxide in the ceramics industry is another factor contributing to the development of the industry. Titanium dioxide is used as a glaze opacifier and white pigment in the ceramic industry. In addition, titanium dioxide is used for glazes in matt porcelain. Ceramic products using titanium dioxide can prevent contamination and reduce pollutant damage. Therefore, the increase in demand for ceramic products has contributed to the development of the global emulsion market.