Malaysia And DCC Have Renewed Cooperation To Promote Global Oil And Fat Futures Market

- Nov 11, 2019-

On November 6, Dalian Commodity Exchange and the Malaysian Derivatives Exchange in Guangzhou renewed the “Co-organized International Oil and Fats Oil Material Conference Cooperation Agreement” and agreed to continue to jointly promote the development of the global oil and fat futures market. N-Acetylethylamine suppliers told us that Xi Zhiyong, general manager of Dalian Commodity Exchange, and He Fuyuan, CEO of Malaysian Derivatives Exchange, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

Petroleum Resin C9 maufacturers mentioned that Xi Zhiyong said in his speech that the friendly cooperation between the two exchanges has been continuously improved and has entered a new stage of win-win development. In the 14 years of cooperation, the two sides have forged a profound friendship, carried out in-depth cooperation in the fields of variety development, market training, personnel exchanges, and established a high-level mutual visit mechanism. The ability and level of the two sides to jointly serve the development of the global oil and fat industry has been greatly enhanced, and international visibility and influence have been further enhanced.

He said that China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative has provided new opportunities for the opening and development of countries along the route. The accelerated opening up of China's futures market has provided a broader space for cooperation between the two exchanges. In this context, the renewal of the cooperation agreement will certainly help strengthen the cooperation and win-win relationship between the two parties, help promote the further improvement of the level and level of the conference, and provide more mature, more perfect and more for the international oil and fat industry and futures industry. The high-end platform of value.

He Fuyuan said that the relationship between Dashang and the Malaysian derivatives exchange palm oil is very high, so the cooperation between the two parties is a win-win situation, which is conducive to consolidating the market position of the two exchanges. The renewed cooperation agreement with the Grand Chamber of Commerce will promote closer bilateral cooperation and bring more benefits to the development of the futures market of the two countries.

He pointed out that China is Malaysia's largest trading partner for ten consecutive years and the second largest importer of Malaysian palm oil. The cooperation between the two exchanges will also contribute to the bilateral trade between the two countries.

It is understood that in April 2006, the Grand Chamber of Commerce and the Bursa Malaysia signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. The two sides agreed to cooperate in product development, information exchange, training and education, and strive to improve the world's oil and fat futures market and related industries. Status and influence. Subsequently, the two parties signed the "Co-organized International Oil and Fats Oil Material Conference Cooperation Agreement", and in October 2006 held the first International Oil and Fats Oil Conference (Petroleum Resin C9, N-Vinyl caprolactam and N-Ethylacetamide are both the main material of Coatings). After the full authorization of the Bursa Malaysia, the Malaysian and Malaysian Derivatives Exchange signed a cooperation agreement in 2010, 2013 and 2016.