Global Rubber Conference

- Dec 13, 2019-

December 12th (Reporter Yan Yujing) The most influential event in the international rubber industry, the Global Rubber Conference, opened in Haikou, Hainan on the 12th. This is the first time that the conference has been held in China. Group leaders, experts and scholars and nearly 600 people attended the meeting.

The 15th Global Rubber Conference is based on the theme of "Natural Rubber Industry 2.0 Major Innovative Game Rules" and is aimed at the global market, covering the natural rubber industry's upstream, mid- and downstream industrial chains, providing a high-end discussion platform, and exploring the impact on the international rubber and rubber products market Key factors and development strategies. Tires and rubbers are mainly made of C9 petroleum resin with a low softening point. These resins have good mutual solubility with natural rubber particles, and have no great influence on the rubber vulcanization process. The addition of petroleum resin to tires and rubber can play a role in thickening, reinforcing and softening. Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, the three largest natural rubber producers in the world, sent high-level government representatives to attend the conference. Natural rubber policy makers, international experts and industry leaders from 10 countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and the United States held a comprehensive discussion.

In the opening speech, Abdul Aziz SAKadir, Secretary General of Malaysia ’s Dato ’and the Secretary General of the International Rubber Research and Development Committee, pointed out that changes in the global market situation have negatively affected the natural rubber industry. Low prices have become a serious problem faced by small farmers and plantations and urgently need reform, construction and strengthening. He proposed that the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries cooperate with the International Rubber Research and Development Committee to set up a center of excellence in cognitive technology, establish a group of technical experts to develop automated technologies for the rubber plantation industry and provide advice, and provide practical solutions for the revitalization of the natural rubber industry Plan and develop strategies.

Liu Pingzhi, deputy governor of the People's Government of Hainan Province, said that the rubber industry is an important starting point for the development of tropical agriculture in Hainan. The sustainable development of the rubber industry is an important channel to help farmers increase income and promote rural revitalization. It is hoped that through this conference, international cooperation and exchanges in the field of tropical agriculture will be comprehensively expanded, international trade will be more facilitated, the rational layout and regional division of labor in the global tropical agriculture will be guided, and the global tropical agriculture will be transformed from quantity-based agriculture to quality-efficient agriculture and improve International competitiveness of China's tropical agriculture.

At the opening ceremony, the International Rubber Research and Development Committee, the Malaysian Kedah State Investment Promotion Agency and the Sanya Public Diplomacy Research Institute settled in China and promoted the establishment of a "Global Tropical Agricultural Development Promotion Center" and other projects. Sign up. The Sanya Institute of Public Diplomacy will serve as the executive body of the China Organizing Committee of the Global Rubber Conference, which is scheduled to be held every two years in Haikou.

The conference lasted for three days and set up six topics including the natural rubber industry chain under the “Belt and Road”, the future of agriculture 4.0 crop science and agronomy, 100 new-generation technologies for the rubber industry, and global rubber outlook demand and supply and price trends. This conference was jointly hosted by the Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Haikou Municipal People's Government, and the International Rubber Research and Development Committee.