Granular Water Soluble Fertilizer Fired In Korea

- Aug 28, 2019-

Mr. Song Rongguan, the agent of World Atech Company, led a team to conduct a technical exchange meeting in a township in Daegu, South Korea, attracting more than 60 growers to participate. Some of them are old and old, and some are attracted. Song Rongguan showed in detail the composition, function, effect and application plan of Qiaogeli through the courseware explanation and on-site demonstration to adjust the acid-base experiment. Every grower listened very seriously. After the exchange meeting, the growers ordered.

After more than a year of promotion, Qiaoge Lishui Fertilizer has successfully deployed Korean markets such as Daegu, Incheon, Gwangju, Daejeon and Yongcheon. After application on strawberries, eggplant, pepper, rice, tomato, spinach, garlic, sage, etc., the effect is remarkable, which can solve problems such as soil compaction, heavy sputum and acidification. Li Guangyu, a garlic grower in Gwangju City, said: "After using the skillful water to dissolve the fertilizer, the garlic stems are thick and big. Last year, 250 to 300 heads of garlic were packed with 20 kg nets. This year, only 150 to 200 can be loaded. The effect of increasing production is obvious. The most important thing is that this year's sclerotinia disease did not happen at all, which is beyond my expectation."

Jin Zhengtai, a local agent of water-soluble fertilizers, said: “The concept of fertilization in Korean farmers is backward, and the problem of widespread acidification and heavy soiling seriously restricts the development of agricultural economy in Korea. The Korean government has begun to attach great importance to and support the protection of cultivated land and the conditioning of soil acidification. Qiaogeli water-soluble fertilizer has improved crop quality and soil conditioning effect, and has been recognized by the government. In the case of high price of powdered water soluble fertilizer and difficult to promote, Qiaogeli uses its innate advantages of granules, skillfully fertilizing and nutrition. The ease of use and other characteristics, in line with the local needs of South Korea, has created new development opportunities for us, I am confident that Qiaogeli will become a quality brand here."

Sun Rongjian, general manager of Zhitong Road Water Fertilizer Co., Ltd., said: “Qiaogeli Water Soluble Fertilizer Subverts the new category of traditional water-soluble fertilizers. The 16 elements needed for crops are melted in a furnace, 11 manufacturing. The process, the exclusive formula of Niu Zhuangsu, allows the product to have a clear, two-tone and three-replenishment effect. It is committed to increasing the production and income of the global agriculture through weight loss and efficiency. Now the first person of the granular water-soluble fertilizer is following the 'One Belt, One Road' policy and has been exported to 22 Countries."