How To Choose The Model Number Of Molecular Sieve

- May 09, 2019-

molecular sieve

There are many types of molecular sieves, which are classified according to their use. There are mainly 3A molecular sieve for insulating glass, 4A molecular sieve for air separation equipment, 5A molecular sieve for industrial oxygen production, 13X molecular sieve for cryogenic cooling, carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen generator and molecular sieve for refrigeration.

The raw materials used by each manufacturer are different, and the production processes used are also different, so the quality of the products produced will vary. Even if two manufacturers use the same raw materials, the performance varies from place to place due to different geographical environments and natural conditions. The differences in manufacturing processes of different manufacturers cause differences in product performance of different manufacturers. The correct choice of molecular sieve type in water treatment is an important step in the adsorption process.

The application of 4A molecular sieves and other uses in air separation equipment adsorption dryers is significantly higher. It is required to have strong strength and adsorption capacity to avoid the occurrence of pulverization and fracture in the adsorption tower. If the pressure temperature is required to be too low, it needs to be replaced with a 13X molecular sieve. The effect of using the activated alumina ball desiccant in the dryer is better.