How To Effectively Kill Mosquitoes

- Feb 10, 2021-

For many people in summer, it is not only the high temperature that is difficult to fight against, but also the mosquito bites that cannot be prevented. So every time this season, people begin to spread a variety of mosquito repellent methods: eat B vitamins, wear mosquito repellent bracelets, use ultrasonic mosquito repellent and ultraviolet light...

So, how effective are these methods of repelling mosquitoes? What kind of method is used to repel mosquitoes is both effective and safe?

Smearing and taking B vitamins are not effective against mosquitoes

"Taking and applying B vitamins can prevent mosquitoes, which has been proved ineffective by many experiments. No matter spraying the aqueous solution of vitamin B1 or directly eating vitamin B1, there is no mosquito repellent effect." Researcher of the Institute of Microbiological Epidemiology, Academy of Military Sciences, Academy of Military Sciences Zhao Tongyan said.

The US Food and Drug Administration has clearly pointed out that at present, there is no sufficient data to show that oral vitamin B1 is effective for repelling mosquitoes.

The mosquito repellent bracelet is more effective than practical

Since mosquitoes are insensitive to B vitamins, what is the effect of the current popular mosquito repellent bracelet?

Zhao Li, curator of Chengdu Huaxi Entomological Museum, told reporters that there are some mosquito repellents in the mosquito repellent bracelet, which is similar to the effect of spraying toilet water on clothes, but the mosquito repellent evaporates faster, which can be said to be greater than the gimmick practical.

In 2018, the Beijing Consumers Association launched a comparative test of pure plant mosquito repellent products, involving 50 domestic and some imported mosquito repellent patches, mosquito repellent bracelets, mosquito repellent buttons and other nominal pure plant mosquito repellent products .

The results were surprising: all 50 samples had very poor mosquito repellent effects. The actual use effect of the sample is inconsistent with its product promotion, and it is suspected of false promotion and misleading consumers.

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent can only repel one type of mosquito

In recent years, ultrasonic mosquito repellents have gradually become popular. In addition, people are also willing to install various anti-mosquito software and APPs that can emit mosquito repellent ultrasonic waves when turned on on their mobile phones or computers.

"The principle of ultrasonic mosquito repellent is mainly to simulate the sound of male mosquitoes to drive away blood-sucking female mosquitoes. Since female mosquitoes are reluctant to mate after mating once, they will escape when they feel the ultrasonic waves vibrating from the male mosquito’s wings. .

Many scientists at home and abroad have done corresponding experiments to evaluate the effect of various frequency ultrasonic mosquito repellents on mosquitoes. The results show that no ultrasonic mosquito repellent product can effectively prevent mosquitoes in the field or under laboratory conditions. Bites to humans.

Ultraviolet mosquito killer can not effectively kill mosquitoes

Many people have seen UV mosquito killers. They use long-wave ultraviolet rays in the UV spectrum, namely UV-A, with a wavelength range of 315-400 nanometers. Sunlight also contains a lot of UV-A. The retina of most insects is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays in this range of wavelengths, so people use this principle to induce mosquitoes and add high-voltage electricity to destroy them. However, more and more studies have confirmed that ultraviolet mosquito killers cannot effectively kill mosquitoes. Only a few of the insects killed are mosquitoes, and most of them are male mosquitoes that do not suck blood.

Ultraviolet mosquito killers can indeed attract mosquitoes, but the premise is that there is no light around. However, the indoors where we live often have other light interference, so that mosquitoes are not easily induced by UV mosquito killers.

Mosquito coils and mosquito repellents are hard-core anti-mosquito measures

The most effective method of repelling mosquitoes is the most traditional mosquito coil, mosquito repellent, and mosquito nets, screen windows and other physical methods.

Qualified insecticides such as mosquito coils or electric mosquito coils that have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture are very direct and effective. These mosquito-killing products contain pyrethroids, which are biomimetic and synthetic insecticides that are used as mosquito coils or electric mosquito coils. When heated, the pyrethroid will volatilize into the air, and the mosquito will die after contact, but it will not cause harm to people. China M-Toluic Acid is one of the main raw materials for producing highly effective mosquito repellent.

In hot weather, it is not realistic to wear long clothes and pants for physical protection, so you can use both mosquito coils, insecticides and other products to directly eliminate mosquitoes, and at the same time apply DEET and Picaridin on the skin or clothing surface. Toilet water, mosquito repellent, China M-Toluic Acid CAS 99-04-7, etc.

In addition, the most basic anti-mosquito, we must start from the environment where we live, promptly clean up the sewers, rain grate, the bottom of flower pots and bottles and cans of water, and thoroughly remove mosquito breeding grounds.