Method For Determination Of O-Phosphorylethanolamine

- Feb 25, 2019-

    Depression is a type of affective disorder. The main symptoms are depression and loss of interest. According to a survey of Japanese medical institutions, the number of patients with depression in 2008 reached more than 700,000. However, the diagnosis of depression generally depends on the subjective judgment of the physician or the psychiatrist on the mental appearance of the patient, or the subjective judgment or private prosecution of the patient itself, and it is difficult to say that objective judgment is made. Therefore, in order to objectively diagnose depression, in recent years, attempts have been made to use a component in a patient's body fluid as a measure of depression.

    In the present invention, as a predictive marker for depression, the use of tryptophan or a substance thereof in a body fluid, the expression level of a specific gene, and the like have been reported (Patent Documents 1 and 2), and the present inventors have found that Phosphorylethanolamine in blood has been found. It is useful as a biomarker for diagnosing depression (Patent Document 3)

     The present invention provides a method for easily measuring O-Phosphorylethanolamine CAS 1071-23-4 in a sample, and a reagent, a kit, a program, and the like used in the method. A method for measuring ethanolamine phosphate comprises: performing a first step of a first enzyme reaction, and adding an enzyme capable of catalyzing a reaction of producing acetaldehyde from ethanolamine phosphate to a measurement sample to produce acetaldehyde, phosphoric acid and ammonia; In the second step, at least one of the produced acetaldehyde, the phosphoric acid, and the ammonia is quantified, and the amount of the ethanolamine phosphate in the measurement sample is determined.