Method For Preparing 3-mercaptopropionic Acid

- Apr 08, 2019-

A method for preparing 3-mercaptopropionic acid, which comprises mixing an aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, sodium hydrosulfide, and sodium polysulfide as a catalyst, and then adding acrylonitrile dropwise at 20-70 ° C to form a plurality of intermediates. The mixed solution is then acidified by adding hydrochloric acid, and then added with zinc powder for reduction to obtain a solution containing 3-mercaptopropionic acid; the selected raw material sodium hydrosulfide is cheap, which can reduce the production cost; hydrogen sulfide gas generated after adding hydrochloric acid It can be recycled and reused as sodium hydrogen hydride as a raw material, which can further reduce the production cost; and the final waste liquid is mainly excess hydrochloric acid and ammonia chloride, which is convenient for wastewater treatment.