Feed Additive Method For Preparing Phosphoric Acid Ethanolamine

- Aug 02, 2019-

China Phosphorylethanolamine is widely used in biotechnology, medicine, etc. It can also be used as feed additives and special lubricants. O-Phosphorylethanolamine CAS 1071-23-4 manufacturers According to the structure, it is divided into phospho-ethanolamine (CAS: 1071-23_4), diethanolamine phosphate (CAS: 6094-81-1) and triethanolamine phosphate (CAS: 29901-63-1). . Among them, monoethanolamine phosphate is also known as 2-aminoethanol dihydrogen phosphate, 2-aminoethanol phosphate, ethanolamine phosphate, o-phosphoethanolamine, phosphoric acid, 2-aminoethyl ester, aminoethanol phosphate, choline phosphate, 2-ammonia Ethyl dihydrogen phosphate, cholamine phosphoric acid, 2-hydroxyethylamine phosphate, and the like.

The disclosed synthesis method and process for China O-Phosphorylethanolamine CAS 1071-23-4 compound are mainly based on phosphoric acid and ethanolamine. First, the two are formulated into a certain concentration solution by using a solvent, and the two are mixed in a solvent. After the reaction, the ethanolamine phosphate is obtained by filtration, and finally dehydrated at a high temperature in an organic solvent to obtain an ethanolamine amine; or in an aromatic hydrocarbon (such as benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.), a bicyclic hydrocarbon, a halogenated hydrocarbon, and a high boiling ether and ketone. Phosphoric acid and ethanolamine are reacted in an organic solvent, followed by azeotropic, high-temperature water removal, purification, etc. to obtain an ethanolamine amine, such as US 2,730,542; Tetrahedron Letters, (24), 1913-1916, 1975; PL 196501, the reaction The process is as shown in equation (1). As a result, the above method has the problems of single raw material, complicated process, many steps, long cycle, low yield (44%~80%), many by-products, low purity, high cost, serious three wastes and the like.

O-Phosphorylethanolamine suppliers require a large amount of solvent in the two-step reaction of preparing the product. In the first step, Phosphorylethanolamine suppliers precipitate in the Ethanolamine O-phosphate organic solvent, and the inorganic ions such as lead in the reaction system are also heavy metals. Precipitation with the precipitation, resulting in the accumulation of impurities, these impurities will enter the subsequent reaction, and can not be directly removed in the second step of the reaction, so that the quality of the product is reduced, in order to improve the quality, it is necessary to use activated carbon for further purification treatment, increase The cost and the three waste amounts are simultaneously reduced, and the impurities in the organic solvent used in the second step are also accumulated in the final product, so that the product quality is further lowered. In addition, due to the large amount of organic solvent used in production, the production environment is poor, the three wastes are large, and the cost is high.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, we have proposed a method for preparing O-Phosphorylethanolamine CAS 1071-23-4 compound, which has high yield, wide source of raw materials, low production cost, no three wastes, simple and safe process, and production. The cycle is short and the prepared product is of high purity.