Molecular Sieve Filling

- Jun 10, 2019-

1. First of all, there is no large gap in the molecular sieve bed, and the steel mesh should be laid, otherwise it will be very troublesome in the future;

2. Sunny must be selected when filling. The loader must also be loaded to prevent oil from entering and impurities.

3. Two cans of filled molecular sieve should be uniform;

4. Do a good job of supervision to ensure that the protective equipment of the filling personnel is completely worn out to prevent the entry of grease and impurities; only a few of them are considered for reference.

Molecular sieve filling detailed steps

1. First check the drawing to confirm the filling position and filling amount of alumina and molecular sieve. If it is a single layer barrier, it is usually a moving screen between alumina and molecular sieves. If it is a double-layer grille, it would be better. I have done it (now the design of large air separation is usually double-layered).

2. Confirm the installation quality of the grille to ensure seamlessness and ensure that the grille fixing bolts are not loose.

3. After filling, it should be flattened and not used for filling. The flow of alumina and molecular sieves is strong and there is no overhead.

3. In addition to the discharge holes, open all holes as much as possible and set a fan to keep the air flowing in the water tank. Personnel must wear deep shoes and must wear socks. When the molecular sieve contacts sweat, it releases a lot of heat. Always wear a dust mask and a lot of dust will appear in the filler. There are also manual operations in the tank, and someone must be supervised in the manhole. Contact internal staff on a regular basis.

Fill in safety related matters

1. Enter the inside of the container and require a sealed space to enter the permit. Entry personnel should receive closed space safety training. The dust mask of the person inside the container needs to wear a filter gas mask, full protective glasses, a jumpsuit inside the container, boots and a full body harness.

2. An oxygen meter is required inside the container, and there are special personnel outside to communicate with internal employees on a regular basis. Admission time can not exceed 30 minutes, every 30 minutes, need to leave the container, rest for 10 minutes before entering.

3. In order to prevent sudden sudden occurrences in the water tank, the lifeline must be hung outside the crowd and connected to the person's seat belt buckle, which can be rescued by a lightning arrester.

4. There may be a weak vacuum in the barrel of the iron drum. Open the vent screw on the barrel to remove the vacuum inside the barrel.

5. During the lifting process, care should be taken to prevent objects from falling and impacting accidents. 6. Construction workers' mobile phones, it is strictly forbidden to carry small items such as keys in the keys. Before entering, hand over the small items mentioned above, put them in the storage box and store them in a safe place. There must be no debris around the top of the fill port to prevent it from falling into the container during the filling process.

Last friendship reminder

1. What is the most important problem with molecular sieves? This is a prejudice! An important step in filling the molecular sieve for the first time is to measure the adjustment of the baffle (or similar function) in the container! This step requires the manufacturer to provide a measuring device. When measuring, it is necessary to divide multiple areas in the container, each area has an instrument that measures the amount of air. When the air volume in some areas is unbalanced, the flow guiding device needs to be adjusted to reach the balance as much as possible.

2, pay attention to the filling method when filling! Molecular sieves are the hardest to step on! The population must be gradually returned from the center and finally flattened.

3. For the loading of zeolite molecular sieves, it is best to ask a professional team to carry out and request a detailed filling plan.