More Than 30,000 Tons Of Cement Clinker From Vietnam Enters Binzhou Port

- Jan 08, 2021-

On January 1, a Panamanian ship "Golden Gate Bridge" carrying more than 30,000 tons of cement clinker from Vietnam entered Binzhou Port. During the New Year’s Day, Binzhou Customs strictly implemented the joint defense and joint control mechanism. According to the requirements of the “one ship, one policy” plan, it strictly guarded and strengthened the port’s security line of defense. It planned in advance with various departments stationed in Hong Kong to sort out the declaration process for foreign ships and dealt with all 19 crew members. Nucleic acid sampling and testing were carried out, and the supervision of the first entry ship in the New Year was successfully completed. While Binzhou Port's high-quality open operation ushered in a "good start", it also achieved "never let the epidemic be imported from the port." Among them, the development and mass use of a new type of cement admixture—polycarboxylic acid water reducer, China 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid CAS 107-96-0 is mainly used to control molecular weight in the production of polycarboxylic acid water reducer, a high-performance mediator , Which greatly improves the water reduction rate and slump retention performance of concrete.

On the evening of January 1, the foreign vessel successfully berthed at Berth No. 1 of Binzhou Port Bulk Cargo Terminal of Shandong Port. On the same day, the customs staff in Hong Kong once again organized personal and safety protection studies for personnel epidemic prevention and control, and finally conducted a tabletop exercise on the detailed guidelines of "One Ship, One Policy" to ensure that all links are connected in an orderly manner and each position has clear responsibilities. On the morning of January 2, personnel from various positions such as quarantine, sanitation supervision, personnel transfer, logistics support, sample delivery, etc. arrived at their respective positions early, and performed the final inspection of site layout, equipment debugging, safety guarantee, and protective disinfection materials. Afterwards, all personnel were protected in accordance with the standards and boarded the quarantine team for quarantine.

Customs supervision is an important function of customs work. The Binzhou Customs Party Committee has always attached great importance to the improvement of supervision capabilities. In order to ensure the supervision of Binzhou port and shore, it has organized 7 times of special training for various security protection, supervision operations, and personnel sampling. , 11 people went to Jinan Airport and Dongying Port successively to work as follow-up workers. They used competence to practice, get started quickly, accumulate experience, and continuously improve the working ability of existing personnel through learning and training. In this actual operation, Binzhou Customs actively docked with the Binzhou City Joint Prevention and Control and Social Stability Group, discussed the specific procedures of Binzhou Port and shore epidemic work, and further improved the Binzhou Port and Shore Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Implementation Plan based on the established joint prevention and control mechanism , Achieve information sharing, joint construction of defense lines, and achieve closed-loop management of epidemic prevention and control.

"The smooth entry of foreign ships this time demonstrates the spirit of Binzhou Port's "festival outside the port, and gangs inside the port", and it reflects the determination of the various departments stationed in Hong Kong to implement the goal of'revitalizing the city by port and strengthening the city by port'." Binzhou Port Group General Manager Hao Gang said.

According to reports, in 2021, Binzhou Customs will further coordinate the prevention and control of port epidemics and stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, continue to strengthen the core capacity building of ports, and earnestly implement the requirements of "inspection and due diligence", "foreign defense import, internal defense rebound", and constantly Improve the port's navigation efficiency, enhance the port's international competitiveness, and help the high-quality development of Binzhou Port.