Nutritional Functional Feed Attractant

- Aug 09, 2019-

Feed nutrition, feed intake and digestion and absorption are the three elements to ensure the healthy growth and efficient production of livestock. The focus of the feed industry is mainly on how the nutrient content of the feed meets the nutritional requirements of the livestock and poultry, and often overlooks a key factor implied between the two - palatability and feed intake.

The product developed by Phosphorylethanolamine suppliers is a feed additive for improving the palatability of feed and enhancing the appetite of animals. O-Phosphocolamine is composed of a stimulating taste component and an auxiliary preparation, which differs depending on the living environment, physiological characteristics, receptor and taste medium of the feeding animal. Generally have aroma components or appetizing ingredients. O-Phosphocolamine is used for animals. Different livestock and poultry not only have different taste preferences, but also the sensory sensitivity varies greatly with respect to the physiological threshold of a certain taste. However, in fact, any formula is based on a certain feed intake. Designed, feed palatability is not good, feed intake decline, will inevitably affect the total intake of nutrients, will undoubtedly affect the effect of feed. Many feed ingredients also have palatability problems, such as astringent substances in soybeans, lectins in beans, glucosinolates in rapeseed meal and their degradation products, goiter, many grains and other plants. The tannins in the feed and the oxidative degradation products of fats can have adverse effects on the palatability of the feed. There are also some developments in the use of protein substitutes and industrial by-products that bring palatability problems such as blood meal, fishmeal and fermentation by-products. In livestock production, with the improvement of productivity, not only the nutritional quality in the diet is required, but also the feed has good palatability and sufficient feed intake to ensure the total demand for nutrients. Livestock and poultry are under stress, such as noisy, frightened, crowded, grouped, transferred, transported, weaned, castrated, hot, cold, etc.; the appetite of livestock and poultry is weakened, and feed intake is reduced. In all these cases, it is necessary to add an attractant to the feed.

O-Phosphorylethanolamine manufacturers produced the product by functional neuromodulation combined with taste, excitement of the feeding center, promote feeding, increase feed intake, how fast the animals eat, while enhancing gastrointestinal digestion and effectively increasing feed intake, O-Phosphorylethanolamine suppliers offered the product also could improve gastrointestinal digestive function, promote the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, promote the digestive function of animals, and improve the utilization rate of feed digestion and conversion. O-Phosphorylethanolamine CAS 1071-23-4 suppliers manufactured the product Safe, no residue, no toxic and side effects, is a green feed additive, and the farming practice reflects good results.