New Products From Noron - Optimized Water-based Colorful Coatings

- May 16, 2019-

Noron (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) has launched an innovative and versatile product, Bermocoll® EBM 3000 Cellulose Ether, which further enhances the performance of waterborne colorful coatings. Water-based colorful paint is a coating used for exterior walls of architectural coatings to achieve a stone-like or marble-like appearance.


   The colorful paint consists of colored particles dispersed in an emulsion, and the colored particles may comprise a textured material such as sand. Bermocoll® EBM 3000 has outstanding versatility and is suitable for most multi-color coating formulations to prevent color agglomeration and bleed, providing adjustable gel strength and excellent color development.

The Bermocoll® EBM 3000 debuted at the China International Coatings Show in Guangzhou this week. China is an important market for colorful coatings. At present, China's high-rise building exteriors generally use colorful paints as an alternative to stone. Colorful paints can maintain the elegant texture of natural stone.


   “Colorful coatings have many advantages, including ease of construction, consistent color and excellent flexibility. But most importantly, it has greater economic and environmental value than real stone or marble,” said Noron Bergocoll® business. Annika Karlsson, director of departmental R&D innovation and sustainability, said. “Thanks to the versatile chemistry of Bermocoll® EBM 3000, we can improve the developability and stability of our colorful coating formulations.”


    Gerert Hofman, General Manager of Nolion's Specialty Auxiliary Business, added: “Bermocoll® EBM 3000 is a high-performance product that brings great technical and formulation benefits to the colorful coatings market. In addition, because it uses a unique The solvent production process provides the industry with the lowest carbon footprint. The launch of this product once again demonstrates our focus on working with customers to create innovative products that contribute to sustainable growth.

Petroleum Resin C9 is also one of the main raw materials for coatings production.