3 Kinds Of Paints Commonly Used In Paints At Home

- Sep 06, 2019-

Paint is already an indispensable product in life. In the past, everyone was not exposed to paint. However, men are the most bitter now. They need to work to support their families when they go to work. They need to take care of their children after work. They also need to learn DIY assembly furniture. , DIY handles roof leaks, DIY paints the walls of the home...

Therefore, Taichung's new Hyya paint leaking and waterproofing project today introduces the types of paints (paints), so that in addition to buying cement paint or latex paint on the walls of the hypermarket, we know that the paint is actually diversified, the following is for everyone. Briefly introduce 3 kinds of paints (paints) that are easier to use.

The paints (paints) that are most commonly used by everyone are divided into three basic categories:

Latex paint

2. Oily blending paint

3. Cement paint

Description of the function and characteristics of latex paint (PVC paint, plastic paint):

N-Ethylacetamide suppliers told us that water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol and acrylic pigments, improved from traditional plastic paints. It is especially important to know that latex paints have lower moisture resistance than cement paints and paints, but latex paints have anti-mildew and antibacterial properties. Stronger, the current position of latex paint is mostly in the city. Because of the high price, if it is outdoor or large-area indoor, it will be replaced by flat water-based cement paint. The paint in Xincheng House is also cement paint. the Lord. N-Acetylethylamine suppliers said that N-Ethyl Acetamide is one of the main intermediates used in paints.

Cement paint function and characteristics description:

Cement paint is divided into oil-based cement paint and oil-based cement paint. It is also composed of three kinds of pigments: flat light, semi-flat light and bright light. Water-based cement paint uses water as a thinner. It is more environmentally friendly and healthy. It is commonly used to paint indoor and outdoor cement walls. In the case of oily cement paint, it uses toluene or xylene as a thinner. Most of the big stores sell water-based emulsion paints that are easy to DIY.

*Small reminder: The brighter the paint, the easier it is to see the enamel. If you want to use varnish, it is recommended to apply the soil before the paint and use the primer.

*Remarks: The use of oil-based cement paint and water-based elastic paint for outdoor walls, galvanized color steel paint and rubber acid-base paint for steel structure iron houses and wave boards, the company's factory indoor bed coating construction and driveway stop The garage construction uses epoxy resin paint. Due to the complicated construction of the three projects, it is recommended to find a professional construction team.

Paint (harmonic paint) function and characteristics description:

For oily coatings, use banana water, pine perfume or N-ethylethanamide as a thinner. After painting, there is obvious "brightness". The taste is very pungent, the drying time needs to be longer, the construction is more difficult, and the construction needs special attention. Waterproof is excellent, but it is toxic. It is not recommended for indoor use. Most of it is used as exterior wall and wood or iron coating.