What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Anti-epileptic Drugs For The First Time?

- Aug 08, 2019-

When diagnosed as epilepsy, the doctor will choose the treatment according to the patient's own situation, most of them will choose the drug treatment, because each patient with epilepsy has different conditions and symptoms, so when using the drug for the first time Be sure to pay attention, then today, the medical education network Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the first use of anti-epileptic drugs should pay attention to:

First, for some patients with epilepsy who only have 1-2 episodes in two years, you can consider not taking anti-epileptic drugs. Patients need to have an in-depth understanding of the side effects of drugs on the human body before taking the drug. Patients with a low frequency of episodes often have more side effects than epileptic seizures if they use antiepileptic drugs for a long time. 5,5-Dimethyloxazolidine-2,4-dione CAS 695-53-4 suppliers A new class of anti-epileptic drugs.

Second, children or students often can not take drugs on time and in accordance with the amount, so family members should always supervise, you can set a time for taking medicine for a long time, take one dose a day or take it once in the morning and evening.

3. For patients with epilepsy with multiple types of seizures or unclear seizure types, more general antiepileptic drugs should be selected for treatment, such as Bajin, Topiracin, Levetiracetam, 5,5-Dimethyl-2,4- Oxazolidinedione et al.

Fourth, patients with anti-epileptic drugs for the first time should start with a small dose. If the condition is not well controlled, then slowly increase the dose of the drug until the condition is completely controlled.

5. General anti-epileptic drugs have side effects. Patients and their families should always pay attention to them, and record the dose of the drug, the adverse reactions after taking the drug, and the symptoms of the patient at the time of the attack, etc., when you go back to the doctor, you can go to the doctor in detail. Explain your situation so that the physician can change the effective treatment according to the patient's condition. Avoid, the disease is aggravated by the side effects of the drug, resulting in serious consequences.

Sixth, let patients know the importance of adhering to the treatment of epilepsy, strengthen the patient's treatment confidence, so that they can better cooperate with the doctor. Note that in the medical treatment, patients should not arbitrarily change other drugs or increase or decrease the dose to prevent unnecessary harm to themselves.

According to the relevant introduction of the medical education network, it is not difficult to see that the initial use of anti-epileptic drugs is very important for the treatment of epilepsy. Therefore, patients should take medication according to the doctor's prescriptions in strict accordance with the dosage during the medication, and family members should always pay attention.