Phosphate Fertilizer Prices Drop

- Aug 24, 2019-

Monoammonium phosphate fertilizer: combined with 55% granules of monoammonium, the latest FOB price of China Port is 270-280 USD/ton, and the ex-factory price of Hubei source is 1760-1830 yuan/ton, compared with the domestic ex-factory price of 2080-2100 yuan/ton. The price difference is 270-320 yuan / ton, the domestic price is high.

Diammonium phosphate fertilizer: combined with 64% granular diammonium, the latest FOB price of Chinese port is 329-330 US dollars / ton, the factory price of Hubei source is 2140 yuan / ton, compared with the domestic factory price of Hubei 2350-2380 yuan / ton, The spread is over 210-240 yuan / ton, and the high domestic sales price is relatively obvious.

Forecast: China's domestic phosphate fertilizer sales and export prices have dropped in the near future. The negative sentiment in the market is overshadowed. The overall trading situation is stagnant. In the case of monoammonium phosphate, the downstream pressure is constantly applied, and the demand side will be more obvious. Although the market is just needed, the compound is compounded. The fertilizer factory is sold with the mining mode, and the recent one-ammonium market has a large downside risk; in terms of diammonium phosphate, the domestic low-cost supply is full, the port purchase is limited, and the ammonium enterprise is limited to joint production, but the supply in the autumn sales area is sufficient. The price was stable and weak in the later period.