Brazil Toyo Ink Company Launched A New Series Of Polyurethane Ink Suitable For Laminated Packaging

- Jan 29, 2019-

   Japan toyo ink group member, Brazil toyo ink co., ltd. today launched the high-performance polyurethane table printing and composite ink upgrade series, for flexographic printing and gravure printing.The company offers a wide range of product systems, from general-purpose snack packaging structures to high-end cooking and heat-filled packaging applications.

  "Since Latin America is a key region for flexible packaging, we are planning to expand our presence in this important market," said Sergio Pera, director of Brazil's toyo ink.The demand for packaging solutions that offer greater convenience, stronger barriers and lighter materials, as well as faster printing, continues to grow.To this end, we have been working closely with customers to improve our range of polyurethane resin inks to meet their requirements for more functional, performance.

  Brazil's new Oriental ink company polyurethane laminating ink series including general-purpose LIOTECH ™ solvent based flexo printing and gravure printing.From general purpose to those that need good resistance of high-end cooking material application, the company owns LIOVALUE ™ solvent base intaglio printing, REXTA ™ solvent base of flexo printing, AQUAECOL ™ water-based gravure printing and AQUA LIONA ™ water-based flexo printing.Based on the group's unique dispersion system, the polyurethane series of Brazilian toyo inks provides a high color density for a wider gamut of colors while maintaining good bonding strength.

  The new series of inks also use the company's advanced polyurethane resin crosslinking technology, so that processors can design with excellent heat resistance, resistance and low solvent packaging structure.These systems are ideal for printing on a wide range of materials, such as corona treated OPP, PET and nylon, and do not require primer or any other chemical treatment.

  In addition, based on the special polyurethane resin lower peel conversion temperature, Brazil toyo ink company can develop ink with good stress relaxation ability.In the process of cooking temperature changes make different layers of laminated packaging expand or shrink good stress relaxation ability is crucial to avoid stratification.