Promising Prospects For Pesticide Intermediates

- Apr 29, 2019-

A survey of the domestic pesticide intermediate industry shows that the industry's profit growth rate has stabilized at more than 15% in the past three years, and the profit rate has remained at around 13%. The industry faces two positive factors in the future. First, the concentration of patented pesticides will expire in the next three years. Multinational pesticide giants will accelerate the transfer of non-core businesses such as intermediates, thereby reducing capital expenditures and maintaining competitiveness in research and development. Second, under environmental pressure. The withdrawal of domestic small and medium-sized production capacity will help the industry to increase its concentration. Therefore, the intermediate industry is expected to continue its good development momentum. m-Toluic acid is an important intermediate for efficient mosquito repellents.


The development prospects of the industry are promising, and leading enterprises are more worthy of attention. Taking Lianhua Technology as an example, its pesticide intermediate business accounts for about 20% of the domestic market. Customers including DuPont and Syngenta are very promising companies.