Ship Anti-fouling Algaecide

- Sep 10, 2019-

Irgarol 1051 suppliers told us that is an environmentally friendly high-performance marine ship anti-fouling algicide with high-efficiency, broad-spectrum anti-fouling and algae-killing properties, which can give marine vessels a long-lasting and broad-spectrum antifouling effect, preventing crustaceans, Seaweed and aquatic organisms adhere to the hull plate, which has good long-acting broad-spectrum inhibition and killing effects on diatoms, bacteria, heterotrophic bacteria, algae plants, barnacles, etc., and has high anti-fouling and algae-removing efficiency. It does not contain large toxic organic arsenic, organotin and other compounds, and can be quickly decomposed by hydrolysis, photodegradation and biodegradation without cumulative effects. It is very safe for the marine environment and can be widely used in antifouling of ocean-going vessels. Long-acting broad-spectrum anti-fouling algae-proof and mildew-proof sterilization in the fields of algae, algae pollution, paint, polyethylene, polyurethane, sewage, paper, wood, etc.

Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 manufacturers told us that Irgarol 1051 Advantages: anti-fouling algae anti-mildew anti-bacteria anti-shell barnacles environmentally friendly long-acting broad-spectrum

Irgarol 1051 manufacturers said that Cybutryne Irgarol is best suited for marine marine paints, daily chemical products, powder coatings, and mildew proof putty powder.

1. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for marine ship paint anti-algae anti-fouling algae, anti-barnacle, paint film anti-mildew,

2. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for daily chemical products, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner

3. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for powder coating, mold proof putty and other powder systems

4. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for internal and external wall latex paint film mold

5. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for underground mildew coating, food factory anti-mold coating

6. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for swimming pools, toilets, canteens, etc.

7. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for glutinous rice, acrylic paint, color paste sterilization

8. Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 used for special sealant, glass glue mold

Cybutryne CAS 28159-98-0 suppliers told us Cybutryne Notes:

1. Be sure to do a compatibility test before use to confirm that the system does not react or that the system is discolored before use.

2. Prevent the reaction with the emulsifier in the emulsion, causing the coating to flocculate or break the emulsion. In particular, waterproof coatings, alkali-resistant primers, and pure acrylic emulsions, as well as fine-sized emulsion systems.

3. Prevent discoloration: May cause discoloration of the product system, especially building glue and light-colored real stone paint.

4. Anti-chemical burn: Direct contact with the skin will cause chemical burns to the skin. Once contact with the skin, immediately wash it with tap water and soap for more than five minutes.

5. This product container is recommended to avoid direct discharge into the environment.