Thailand Boosts Rubber Use, Accounting For 30% Of Rubber Production In 10 Years

- Mar 11, 2019-

  At the symposium on sustainable development of the rubber industry in Thailand, the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that the Thai government is committed to improving the rubber processing industry in Thailand and increasing the amount of rubber used. In the next 10 years, the annual rubber processing ratio will increase to 25%. ~30%.

  It is understood that the annual production rate of rubber produced in Thailand is 15% to 18%, and the other 80% is exported overseas.

  To this end, the Thai Rubber Bureau and the Thailand Research Fund Office signed a cooperation agreement to jointly build a rubber research and cooperation network. Conduct research and develop strategic plans for the development of rubber, and apply the research results to production.

  At present, the production and manufacture of many Thai government security agencies, police and military equipment are inseparable from rubber, but they all need to rely on imports. Therefore, the Thai government has introduced a promotion policy to support the processing of related equipment at home to reduce capital consumption. Relevant policies include promoting the construction of rubber city, supporting the development of new products to meet market demand, covering medical, agricultural and automotive industries. And so on.

  In addition, the government encourages foreign investors to invest in rail transportation industry, such as bridge pressure pad, train rail pressure pad, and automobile anti-shock system. Titanium dioxide is widely used in the rubber industry, as a coloring agent, but also has reinforcing, anti-aging and filling effects.

  Admiral Ba Jin pointed out that the rubber development and research promotion work has won the support of the upstream and downstream of the Thai Rubber Bureau, improving the domestic rubber processing capacity, in line with market value and demand, and thus promoting the further growth of the Thai economy.