The Role Of C9 Petroleum Resin In Ink

- Oct 26, 2020-

If C9 petroleum resin is not added, can the ink not realize the free performance of fast drying?

The drying speed of the ink is very fast, which helps the color of the substrate and prevents the color from being interfered by other objects. I heard that it has this function because of the addition of C9 petroleum resin. If you do not add it, the ink cannot Has the function of quick drying been achieved?

China C9 Resin is used in the ink industry. Its main function is to high softening point petroleum resin. After the ink is added, the petroleum resin can quickly exhibit the effects of color development, quick drying, brightening, and improving printing performance. In this way, it can increase the brightness of the ink, make the ink dry quickly, and have a very good adhesion.