The Price Of Titanium Dioxide And Titanium Sponge Alternates

- Jul 09, 2019-

According to the British Metal Guide data, the international ferrotitanium market was temporarily stabilized overnight. The mainstream transaction price was 6.15-6.25 US dollars/kg titanium. The demand in the European market increased after the summer break. The supply and demand contradiction in the ilmenium iron market eased, and the market price continued to rise. Sex. The titanium raw material market fluctuated slightly. The scrap titanium scrap (low tin grade) trade interval was 1.6-1.65 US dollars / kg, the low price was raised by 0.05 US dollars, while the Australian titanium concentrate mainstream reported 250-350 US dollars / ton, rutile newspaper reported 140-1700 US dollars. / ton, still stable.

The domestic titanium dioxide market is temporarily weak, and some manufacturers raise their prices. The market is looking forward to a clear mentality. However, the leading companies still insist on the offer and have not made any adjustments. The titanium dioxide market rebounded. As the market operates, pessimistic views have begun to emerge, and it is believed that if downstream demand is still not improving, the market outlook does not rule out the possibility of falling again. At present, the mainstream of rutile titanium dioxide is reported at 14000-15500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream of anatase titanium dioxide is reported at 1,200-13,000 yuan/ton. It is expected that there will be no significant fluctuations in short-term prices.

The price of titanium sponge rose again. The mainstream transaction price of 0# sponge titanium remained at 50,000 yuan/ton. Some manufacturers had a high price of 53,000 yuan/ton, and 1# sponge titanium mainstream reported 49000-50000 yuan/ton, up 1,000 yuan. As the downstream demand began to improve, coupled with the serious losses of the previous manufacturers, the sponge titanium market finally bottomed out, and the market price is expected to increase again.