Titanium Dioxide For Rubber

- Mar 12, 2021-

Titanium dioxide is not only used as a coloring agent in the rubber industry, but also has the functions of reinforcement, anti-aging and filling. Titanium dioxide is added to white and colored rubber products. It is resistant to sunlight under sunlight, does not crack, does not change color, has high elongation and is acid and alkali resistant.

What are the quality requirements of titanium dioxide for rubber?

1. Good heat resistance, it should be vulcanized at 110℃ to 170℃ without yellowing

2. Good stability to sulfur and other additives

3. High color reduction and hiding power

4. There should be no adverse effects on the performance of rubber products

Where is the titanium dioxide for rubber used?

Titanium dioxide for rubber is mainly used in car tires, rubber shoes, rubber flooring, gloves, sports equipment, etc., generally anatase type. However, when used in the production of automobile tires, a certain amount of rutile products are often added to enhance the anti-ozone and anti-ultraviolet capabilities.

What effect does titanium dioxide have on rubber performance?

The protective effect of anti-aging agents used in white and light-colored rubber products is weak, and it is easy to age under sunlight, while titanium dioxide has a strong absorption capacity for the most destructive ultraviolet rays in the sun, and the anti-aging ability of products with titanium dioxide is strengthened; Not easy to crack. Therefore, titanium dioxide is generally added to white and light-colored rubber products.