Titanium Dioxide Supply Shortage

- Oct 09, 2019-

"Golden Nine" will be done, and immediately ushered in "Silver Ten" - the second peak season, the real price market is indeed as Ning said. According to Yan Titanium and Titanium industry analysts, the current spot market supply is insufficient, mainly due to the near-Daqing, East China, Central China, Southwest China and other regions, the rate of decline in the production of producers, Shandong and other regions bear the brunt, some need to order 15-20 days; Panzhihua Due to comprehensive reasons such as circuits, the operating rate of manufacturers such as titanium dioxide has also decreased. In summary, the spot supply in the heavy-producing areas is directly insufficient, and the transaction price of the actual orders has risen slightly. The production and production stoppages have become the main features of the near-stage, and they are also the main reason for the higher transaction prices. At present, the sapphire type of sulphuric acid method is basically less than 14,000 yuan/ton, and the price difference of the same grade product is between 1500-2000 yuan/ton.

The prices of raw material titanium concentrates at home and abroad have doubled upwards, which has contributed to the cost formation of the comprehensive price of titanium dioxide. In addition, Hunan Chuangda Yutu jumped 500 yuan/ton this week. So far, the number of producers announced to increase in September has increased to 24, and it also played a role in the second half of the "Golden September and Silver 10". After the two rounds of price hikes in September and September, the market orders have all gone up. Most of the end customers with stable usage have already stocked up. The demand for overdraft is an indisputable fact. In addition, the end of the fourth quarter has entered the traditional off-season. There is a weak risk at the end.

In October, the natural less one-week working day, in the face of the remnants of more than half of the month, are concerned about the next market trend. In the face of the traditional peak season, only the price increase, I believe that the sudden jump of the rabbit is also expected. In addition, according to the sales and inventory of several major manufacturers, it is also a condition to continue to be strong, coupled with the low price of external logistics vehicles before and after the holiday, emergency goods can only accept high prices.

Mr. Ning Kecheng, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Yanti Industry Co., Ltd. said: “The impact of the event in October is very strong. At present, all manufacturers are nervous. According to this situation, the traditional peak season in the third and fourth quarters or the Plus version. , at least until the Shanghai International Coatings Show in November."

At present, the mainstream price of most sulphuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxide in China is 14200-16500 yuan / ton and 12100-13100 yuan / ton, domestic and imported chlorinated rutile titanium dioxide according to the use of mainstream price is 17500-20000 Yuan/ton and 24800-26800 yuan/ton (all above are tax-included cash outbound prices).

This week, the domestic titanium dioxide price market rose slightly. Yan Titan, an analyst of Yan Titanium and Titanium, said: “Golden September and Silver 10” is about to enter the second half. The titanium dioxide trading market is gradually warming up. Most producers are nervous, which directly leads to some real orders. High prices, coupled with the cost of raw titanium concentrates, in the short term, the peak season continues, the price of titanium dioxide before and after the holiday is high or the market continues to be high, the actual transaction price is a single discussion.