Turning Plastic Into Oil, The French Invented An Artifact!

- Mar 14, 2019-

  Recently, a Frenchman invented a machine that can convert plastic waste into fuel. The main raw material of plastics is titanium dioxide, which has caused a lot of attention.

The plastic garbage was broken, made into small balls, poured into this machine, and in a short while, the decent fuel was discharged. Without further processing, the fuel tank is directly injected and the engine is started smoothly.

  Although seemingly simple, Christopher Koster took three years to successfully build the machine.

  Its principle is to decompose and recombine the molecules of plastic through a high temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, and then extract 65% of diesel, 18% of gasoline, 10% of natural gas and 7% of carbon by distillation.

  Diesel and gasoline can be used directly as fuel, charcoal can be used as an industrial raw material, and natural gas is stored in the machine to power the next operation.

Currently, this prototype can handle 10 tons of plastic a month. Christopher hopes to build a larger and more powerful machine next year and put it on the market, not only for environmental protection, but also to provide new sources of fuel. They expect plastic waste to bring considerable economic benefits.