Helping The Transformation And Upgrading Of The Traditional Coatings Industry

- Feb 27, 2019-

   Along with the departure of 2018, the paint industry has passed a practical "cold winter", because the challenges and "trouble" still occupy the upper hand in terms of the overall development of the coating industry in 2018. Since 2015, it has been used for the first time to describe the difficult operation of coatings. It has evolved to the present, and “cold winter” seems to have become the norm in the coatings industry.

   However, the “cold winter” model, which no longer has special characteristics, has a real impact on the direction of industry change and the development of new patterns. It can be seen that the current situation in the coatings industry is that paint companies have established a “fit” for their own development through several years of exploration, and tried to carry out transformation and transformation in accordance with the established plan. Although the final effect of the change has not yet reached a conclusion, it is certain that in the face of survival pressure, the way coating companies seek to break through is increasingly diversified.

   In recent years, "Internet + Coatings" has become the trend of the times. Adapting to the Internet + is an inevitable requirement of the times. Many coating and coating industry platforms have embarked on the Internet in order to seek development and upgrading of enterprises. Promotion of coating products, such as coating intermediates N-Ethylacetamide, N-Acetylethylamine.

   For paint companies, access to the Internet is not an option, but a necessity. The era of enterprises entering the Internet is the trend of the times. Not only can we improve the competitive advantage of the company, but also lay the foundation for future development, and we can also open up the market and seize the market opportunity.