Water-based Ink For Decorative Paper

- Oct 28, 2020-

The development of water-based decorative paper ink has gone through several stages. The first was to use solvent-based ink to print thin paper to make paint paper or Polaroid paper for furniture decoration. Although the decoration effect is good, it is very harmful to the environment and human body. With the increasingly stringent national environmental protection policies, the above-mentioned decorative papers are gradually being eliminated.

In recent years, with the emergence and popularization of laminate flooring and panel furniture, the development of water-based decorative paper inks has become more urgent. Because the decorative paper of the laminate floor is covered with a layer of alumina wear-resistant paper, it is bonded by melamine glue, high temperature and high pressure, and then it is necessary to cut and slot to form a lock. The domestic first attempt to produce decorative paper by printing with water-based acrylic ink or water-based polyurethane ink, but because acrylic or polyurethane resin forms a dense film, the melamine glue cannot be completely infiltrated, and it cannot interact with melamine. Link reaction, the bonding strength is not enough after lamination, causing the wear-resistant paper and decorative paper to peel off when the groove is formed to form a lock, and the floor is scrapped. Based on the above situation, domestic scientific research institutions such as the domestic invention application CN1827713 proposed to use polyurethane modified casein as a binder to produce water-based decorative paper ink. The quality of the ink basically meets the printing requirements of decorative paper.

The method for making water-based inks for decorative paper is to add NaHCO3 or Na2CO3 to gelatin deionized water, stir and heat up to above 60°C. Take methyl methacrylate, caprolactam (such as N-Vinyl caprolactam) or mixed emulsification, after emulsification, the solution and (NH4)2S2O8 or K2S2O8 are slowly added dropwise to the gelatin solution at the same time to react, cool and filter the material, add an appropriate amount of thickener, The leveling agent, defoaming agent, and alcohol solvent form the water-based ink to obtain the linking material; thus, the linking material and the color paste are uniformly mixed to form the ink for the water-based decorative paper of the present invention, and the resulting ink has high bonding strength, which is consistent with decorative paper printing and subsequent Laminate floor panel furniture processing technology requirements, and excellent color development performance.