NPK Fertilizer For Rice Farming

NPK Fertilizer For Rice Farming

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Product Details

Product Name:NPK compound fertilizer


Type:Quick / slow / control

Appearance: White Gray Granule

UF Content: 13%



The ingrident of Urea formaldehyde(methylene urea)

1. Methylene urea is specially researched by our company and wild exported to Japan and Australia.

2.Urea formaldehyde belongs to nitrogen fertilizer with relatively slow release nitrogen speed and play a            major role in slow release speed.

3. It is unwise to use urea formaldehyde alone but to use it with npk compound fertilizer containing soluble      nitrogen, potassium and phosphate.

4. Quickly-released nitrogen provide the nutrient at the early stage.

5. Urea formaldehyde works to prolong the fertilizer efficiency period.

6.The period of slow release: 60 days to 120 days.




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