Ethanolamine O-phosphate For Depression

Ethanolamine O-phosphate For Depression

Ethanolamine phosphate is a reliable and excellent biomarker for depression.
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Chemical Name

Ethanolamine O-phosphate


2-Aminoethyl dihydrogen phosphate;
Colamine Acid Phosphate;

Colaminephosphoric acid

Ethanolamine O-phosphate




Min. 98.0%


O-Phosphorylethanolamine CAS 1071-23-4 suppliers told us that depression is a type of affective disorder. The main symptoms are depression and loss of interest and joy. According to a survey of medical institutions in Japan, the number of patients with depression reached more than 700,000 in 2008. However, the diagnosis of depression largely depends on the subjective judgment of the doctor or psychologist on the patient's mental appearance, or the subjective judgment or self-prosecution of the patient, and it is difficult to say that an objective judgment has been made. Therefore, in order to objectively diagnose depression, in recent years, attempts have been made to use the components in the patient's body fluid as the scale of diagnosis of depression.

As a biomarker of depression, ethanolamine phosphate is highly reliable and excellent, but its measurement is limited to the measurement method using a CE-TOFMS (capillary electrophoresis time-of-flight mass spectrometer) device. However, the CE-TOFMS measurement consumes time (30 to 40 minutes); in addition, the device is an expensive and sophisticated analytical instrument, so it is limited to all universities or analytical institutions; local hospitals or clinics require a shorter and simpler time The determination method of ethanolamine phosphate in order to use ethanolamine phosphate as the biological standard of depression VI, J, 〇


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