Titanium Dioxide Used In Various Coatings

Titanium Dioxide Used In Various Coatings

Coating is the largest user of titanium dioxide
Titanium dioxide is one of the most widely used pigments in coating industry
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Coating is the largest user of titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide is one of the most widely used pigments in coating industry (the content of titanium dioxide in various coatings is 10-35%)

The functions of coatings through coating can be summarized into three aspects: protection, decoration and special functions.

Let's introduce the use of titanium dioxide in various coatings:

1. Latex paint

Emulsion paint is a kind of water-based coating. It is a new type of coating which is made by emulsifying resin with water and adding pigment. Latex paint contains no solvent or a small amount of solvent. It has the advantages of weather resistance, brushing and environmental protection, and is widely used as architectural coatings. With the rapid development of China's urban construction and real estate industry, the demand for architectural coatings is very strong. It can be said that latex paint is the fastest growing variety of coatings industry in recent years. The latex paint is divided into internal and external use. Rutile titanium dioxide must be used for external use; anatase titanium dioxide is mostly used for internal use in China, while rutile titanium dioxide is still used by foreign companies.

2. Anticorrosive coating

Marine paint is the representative of anticorrosive coatings, and the raw materials are rutile titanium dioxide and epoxy resin.

3. Furniture paint

It can be used for furniture coloring, such as nitro varnish, rutile titanium dioxide and anatase titanium dioxide.

4. Traffic paint

With the development of highway traffic construction, especially the development of expressway, the amount of traffic paint is increasing gradually. Rutile titanium dioxide is commonly used in foreign countries, but anatase titanium dioxide is mainly used in China.

5. Container paint

As an industrial paint, the biggest requirement of container paint is weather resistance, so imported rutile titanium dioxide is generally used.

6. Automotive paint

Automobile paint can be divided into high-grade paint and medium low-grade paint. The best paint is car paint, followed by truck and bus paint. At present, there are few brands of titanium dioxide that can be used in car paint, such as r2310. At present, domestic rutile titanium dioxide can only occupy the middle and low grade market of automobile paint.

7. Coil and printing iron coating

Coil coating can be divided into inner layer and surface layer, and surface layer can be divided into primer and topcoat. The requirement of surface layer is higher than that of topcoat. Generally, rutile titanium dioxide is used for coil coating, and the requirements for inner layer paint are low. Domestic rutile titanium dioxide and epoxy resin can be used. Polyester and imported rutile titanium dioxide are generally used for surface coating.

8. Powder coating

Powder coating is made by directly melting resin and pigment and other additives (180 ~ 220 * 20 minutes), dispersing the pigment in the molten resin, and then cooling and crushing.

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